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I’m a young graphic design student but I love sports and you have my dream job. I’m just curious how you got into the postion with the Caveliers and what sports organizations are looking for in a designer. Thanks!

Comment by Riley Schoonover

Hey Riley,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Where are you a student? As you, I also love sports. I’m actually a crazy hockey guy – play it, love it, live it! Growing up in Cleveland, I was always a huge Cleveland sports fan, so after grinding it for a few years at a couple different design agencies, I saw an opening for the Cavs job and decided that I would do whatever it took to get in the door. In addition to just sending in my resume, I decided to put together several mockups (game program, hard stock, pocket schedule) to show them what I could do. It was good enough to land me an interview and the rest is history (I’m a phenominal interviewer, haha).

Most teams vary when it comes to the skill levels of designers. Some may be looking for 5-10 senior level designers whereas others may be looking for a junior position. You can expect to work on multiple projects under tight deadlines. You need to be creative and quick. You don’t always have days, weeks to work on projects like in the world of academia. Learn to be a BRAND ambassador. Know your team and their look and feel. What message or perception do they want out there. That often starts with the creative team. Learn to understand the brand message and how composition and hierarchy work to generate revenue. Expect to put in a lot of hours during the season.

The best website to visit if you are serious about working as a designer in sports is This is a great resource, but don’t be afraid to be proactive and stand out among all the other candidates.


Comment by adeweydesign

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